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Ana Milek

bachelor of physiotherapy


alexander teacher

    After graduating Samobor High School I continued my education at University of Applied Health Sciences, course physical therapy. During three years of studies, which made me a BA of physical therapy, I had a chance to, for the first time in my life, get better acquainted with subject such as anatomy, orthopedics, manual medicine and therapy, kinesiology, pathology and physiology. Right away I wanted to learn a little more about it....and eventually a bit more.

    Through further education after the end of studies, my field of interest becomes manual medicine and manual treatment techniques applicable to different painful conditions.

    I studied and finished some aspects of manual medicine with MD Dunja Barak-Smešny and

also manual orthopedic aspect of Kaltenborn-Evjenth approach (Norwegian school), organized by Croatian chamber of physiotherapists. At that time I am beginning to learn about osteopathy, which principles thrill me and direct me towards enrolling Osteopathic Academy in Velika Gorica, led by Velda Lulić (DO). So far I have successfully passed cranial and "muscular-bone" osteopathy and continued with the visceral part. I am currently preparing to take the final exam and for writing my final paper.


    In 2011 I have my first contact with the Alexander technique and it immediately becomes a great part of my interests and work. By attending basic and advanced classes by the Alexander technique school from Germany I learn how to become aware of the tensions in our body - a result of everyday bad postural habits during our profession, activities like singing, dancing, playing an instrument or sport activities. I have finished school in 2019.

Additional training and courses



- finished School for Alexander Technique



- finished Academy of Osteopathy



- advanced university student at the Academy of Osteopathy

- Alexander technique seminar


- participation on 4 seminars of Alexander technique, led by Aranka Fortwangler, Hedda Mickausch, Ellena Mroos and Giora Pinkas


- passed the exam from musculoskeletal and cranial osteopathy                 

- participation on the course for respiratory physiotherapy and non-invasive ventilation


- participation on Alexander technique seminar, led by Aranka Fortwangler and Hedda Mickaush


- participation on the symposium "Application of ICF in physiotherapy", held in Vukovar (lecturer)              

- acquired professional certification

    2009 -2014

- courses on manual therapy by Kaltenboorn/Evjenth approach - 5 seminars of basic degree - extremities, lumbar spine with pelvis and SI joint, thoracic spine, cervical spine, ATM and  rehabilitation course


-participation on the course about respiratory physiotherapy in treatment of cystic fibrosis



- graduating School of manual medicine at Dunja Baral-Smešny, MD - basic course for doctors and physiotherapists 



- course on lymphatic drainage by Vodder 


- participation in professional conferences and workshops (Post isometric relaxation / Physiotherapy of lumbar spine - manual therapy and motor learning) 








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